Book Summaries

When photographers try to make the jump to the professional ranks, it is tempting to believe that a good approach is to mimic existing photographers who are perceived as successful. It turns out this approach is short sighted and can lead to some really bad habits that ultimately stunt the growth of enthusiast photographers.

In Fast Track Photographer, author Dane Sanders makes the case that a far more effective approach is to get clear on the gifts and talents you – as an particular individual – bring to the table and build a vision from that starting plot point. The trajectory of that vision needs to be informed by the evolving landscape of service based businesses globally and photography in particular, but the starting point remains consistent. Start with your most powerful resource: You.

To help identify your talents and strengths, Dane provides a powerful self assessment tool called the Photographer DNA (pDNA) that both describes your gifts and prescribes a road map to individual success around your personality, raw abilities and circumstances.

In The FTP Business Plan, Dane goes one step further and empowers the reader with a means to plan how you as an individual creative can navigate the current landscape and get a viable plan in place to flourish. It too includes a powerful assessment tool in the Business Stress Test (bST) to give insight into where your business is most in need and what you can do about it immediately.

In sum, both Fast Track Photographer books give you powerful tools for discovering your core strengths as a professional creative and a plan for maximizing them in the evolving world we live in.

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