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"This book is a must for the modern-day photographer"

Jeremy Cowart

Celebrity photographer and founder of Help-Portrait

"Unusually forward-thinking and fresh. Dane's advice will help prepare current and future photographers for the ever-changing photography market ahead."

Vincent Laforet

Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer

"If you’re thinking about becoming a professional wedding photographer, you owe it to yourself to read this book. It’s as much about finding out who you are as it is about how to become a truly great wedding photographer. Highly recommended!"

Amit Gupta


"Inspiring and concisely written, Fast Track Photographer provides a well-structured roadmap to help both emerging and established photographers identify and achieve their life’s purpose."

Jason Kiefer

Founder, Pictage, Inc.

"Fast Track Photographer is completely fresh! The information is timeless, yet cutting edge, and applicable to any service business—but especially inspiring to new or experienced pro photographers. I’ve been photographing professionally for almost 20 years and it got me excited to take a new look at my business and ensure that I’m focused on my ‘Signature Brand’. In a sea of “how-to” photography books, this lighthouse really stands out. It’s destined to become a staple on every photographers bookshelf."

Kevin Kubota

Author of The Digital Photography Bootcamp®

"Fast Track Photographer is a dead on assessment of the working mind of the aspiring professional photographer. Dane is delightfully witty, thought-provoking and engages the reader on the most important steps needed to embark on a successful career in wedding photography. More than a specific “how-to achieve” book, Fast Track is a “how to think” methodology—which is way more potent. This book is worth its weight in gold and if you know anything about me, that’s saying a lot."

Gary Fong


Creator of the Lightsphere

"There has never been a book more perfectly suited for wedding photographers! Dane's in-depth understanding of our industry and where it's headed can get you on the Fast Track to freedom! Don't wait! Read this book today!"

David Jay

Photographer and Entrepreneur

Creator of ShowItWeb and ShowItSites

"Although I have a different take on a couple of issues, this is the most comprehensive, smartly written book about what it takes to make it as a wedding photographer in today’s world. Dane has a gift for painting a picture of the industry with his words and wit and seasoned pros and newbies alike will benefit from his insight."


Wedding Photographer

Co-founder of

"If you’ve ever wondered what makes you and your photography business unique, look no further! Dane Sanders has created an invaluable resource in Fast Track Photographer! This book is filled with questionnaires, thought provoking stories, and in depth surveys for you to try. For every tool provided is the objective to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses as a photographer so you not only keep shooting but love the business of shooting too! Thank you Dane for all the hard work and hours you put into this! Fast Track Photographer is INCREDIBLE!!"

Me Ra Koh

Photographer, Author and Speaker

"Dane Sanders is a genius at breaking down advanced marketing ideas into simple formulas that everyone can apply. This book is a must read for any photographer who wants to skip the trial and error process and move straight into a successful career path."

Mike Colón

Celebrity Wedding Photographer

"Dane, you’ve hit the nail on the head! Identifying the need for clearly pursuing your career path as a professional, be it a wedding photographer or some other type of creative service based business. Fast Track is the outline to help you see the advantages of selling both the Photographer or Photography. Fast Track is an excellent resource to anyone considering becoming a wedding photographer. As Chief Photographer for Bella Pictures, and having my own signature brand, I will highly recommend it to all of our photographers. I love it, this is a must read!!"

Bob Davis

Chief Photographer, Bella Pictures

Canon Explorer of Light, and Celebrity Photojournalist

"Dane’s perceptive insights to the state of the wedding photography industry are laid out with dead-on accuracy. FTP is a must-read for anyone just starting out as a wedding photographer, but I would highly recommend it to seasoned professionals if they are interested in staying in the game. Dane’s informal style of writing articulates his points in a very uncomplicated way that will clearly steer you into the right direction. Using engaging stories from the lives of many well-known photographers, Dane illustrates how you can apply the strengths you already possess to have the exact career you desire."

Jules Bianchi

Wedding Photographer

"I have a degree in business and this book is sound advice for a new photographer starting a new venture, or an established entrepreneur looking for a fresh start. It’s interesting, articulate, and very well-crafted. Dane, your passion and energy palpitate throughout these other words, you rock!"

Jasmine Star

Wedding Photographer

"This book should be required reading at Harvard Business School and Brooks Institute. The concepts and ideals Dane portrays are vital for not just photographers, but for any small service based business. In the ever-changing world of digital imagery and wedding photography, those shooters with both a keen eye and a smart plan, will be the ones to rise to the top."

Ron Dawson

Creative Director/CEO of Cinematic Studios

Host/Producer F-Stop Beyond

"A wonderful insight into one of the most competitive fields of photography, a must read for the aspiring photographer."

Marcus Bell

Wedding Photographer

"Fast Track Photographer is a book that is destined to become the definitive guide for photographers and people who want to be. I've never read another business book that has so much real, usable information for people hoping to grow their businesses quickly and solidly. The people who read and take this book to heart are going to have a serious one-up on those that don't."

Jessica Claire

Top 10 World's Greatest Wedding Photographers

American Photo Magazine

"Dane Sanders has written a book in a voice that is humble, but full of humour at the same time. His voice is soft when needed, but emphatic at the same time. There is room for disagreement, yet it would be hard to argue with what he has said. I think that he has given new and struggling photographers, a very real head start, if they are willing to put in the time required.

Dane's case for outsourcing is compelling to say the least. Steve and I were already on the cusp of doing it, and I think he may have given us that final nudge. We have discovered a new path we want to walk down and we need to free time for that. Reading Fast Track reaffirmed that we can only free our time by sharing some of our burden.

We often joke (sort of ironically) that we would be so much further ahead in our careers if we had the time to dream more. But in spending time with Dane and other dreamers and innovators, we have realized that we have encumbered ourselves with our own unwillingness to give things up.

The book is wonderful and something that everyone should read. Especially anyone that wants to work in a service driven industry like ours. It reaffirms the lessons that we have already learned, but also helps us to clarify some things we may have let falter along the way. Dane speaks from the perspective of a friend that sincerely wants to see success from his readers. And, as someone who is blessed to call him a friend already, I can say that it is an incredible gift he has given.

And, the best part, was that you left me wanting to read more...a rare feat indeed."

Jen Bebb

Top 10 Greatest Wedding Photographers in the World

American Photo Magazine